zelhack General Documentation

Last updated December 15, 2007
Valid as of zelhack 0.0.1

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World Editor

The world editor presents the user with the overworld map as contained in the currently open Zelda ROM file.

The world editor supports panning and scrolling. You can pan by clicking somewhere in the overworld and dragging the mouse to another location. Scrolling can be done by scrolling the mouse wheel. Hold Shift to scroll horizontally. Hold Control to scroll one room at a time instead of one square at a time.

Room Editor

Tile Editor

The tile editor allows the user to edit the individual 8x8 tiles which make up the overworld, underworld, sprites, title screen, etc. The tile editor will have a square-editing mode which will allow editing of 16x16 squares made up of four tiles.

The color of each pixel in a tile is controlled by two bits in the pattern table. The actual color will also depend on the specific palette in effect at the location on the screen where the tile is drawn. This is why, for example, some rocks are green and some are brown. See Room Editor.

Clicking on a pixel in the tile editor will set the two color bits of the pixel which are stored as pattern table data in the ROM, depending on whether the Control and/or Alt keys are held while clicking, as shown below:




Tril For his documentation including room layouts, column tables, square tables, etc.
Col. G. L. Sicherman For his moonmap including detail of underworld layout
GameMakr24 For many useful Zelda ROM locations, information on dungeon maps, and a comprehensive zelda hack
Dov Grobgeld For writing gtkimageviewer, which helped me figure out panning
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